Couples Counselling

Couple Counselling / Marriage Counselling / Relationship Counselling helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction. Relationship satisfaction is one of the key factors in maintaining good mental health.

Misunderstandings and communication difficulties are common in relationships. It is better to resolve them at the first opportunity; otherwise unconscious mental distancing happens between partners. Mental distancing progresses to physical distancing, and soon the couple becomes roommates! That is when trouble starts and the relationship gets strained. We would encourage all couples to do an annual “Relationship Checkup” similar to the Physical Checkup we do with our family doctors. A Relationship Checkup sustains marital happiness or in the case of a worsening relationship, that relationship can be saved.

In the privacy of the counselling environment, partners are encouraged to express the hopes and fears about their relationship and explore avenues for increasing mutual trust and happiness. We will help you resolve conflicts and regain mutual appreciation, closeness, trust and intimacy between you and your partner.

Couple Counselling is recommended when

  • Infidelity is suspected

  • Communication is burdensome

  • Conflicts and fights are on the rise

  • Intimacy is lacking / Sexual difficulties

  • Parenting challenges / Conflicts about child rearing and/or blended families

  • Substance abuse by partner

  • Anger and Sarcasm surfacing in communication

Making that decision to seek marriage counseling can be tough, especially when one partner is bound by unhelpful family or cultural traditions. Many couples suffer in silence for years before they seek help, all the while hoping they can fix the problem themselves. Seeking help early instead of procrastinating about therapy helps partners to enjoy both life and relationship. Ignoring your problems or hoping they would go away on their own, seldom brings happiness. Sometimes taking that first step - admitting we need help - is the hardest part. Most couples who sought counselling found the experience to be quite insightful and empowering.